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All the guys at the gym club love women with shapes, a well-bounced ass, huge nibars and why not a bit of excess on the thighs and stomach. In short, they want something to eat during sex. But this time when they train in the gym, there is a BBW that appears and cycling. One of the guys can not seem to detach his gaze from this creature he finds so delicious. He talks about it and during the discussion, he realized that it was a shemale, it's even better said to himself.

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When the guy has finished talking about this big tranny, he suggests to him to come in the locker room. So with all the sweat that makes their skin shine, the partners indulge in seduction in the locker room where no one could see them. So the guy takes off his outfit and the shemale discovers a big white snake that she already imagines deep in her hole. She immediately removes her clothes and places herself in front of the guy. But this guy has another idea is to smash like a bitch on the collar. So, on the ground, the shemale creeps and waits that this great fellow pierces the anus with his big machine.

A big nonos for a big bitch

The guy is not subtle enough and before all this flesh, this ass and this little tail, he could only be excited. In addition he loves the bbw shemales. So, he put himself behind her and violently strikes the ass before piercing it with such vigor. The big shemale slut has felt it penetrate deep into her cave and here she screams in pain as the guy moans with satisfaction. This ass is so comfortable that he takes his time before thinking about ejaculating. Once he has released the sperm, he continues to fuck her again until his cock softened.

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